Tina Sobocinska

Tina Sobocinska

HR4future HR Strategic Advisor ex. HR Director at PwC, DHL, SE


Tina is a HR Director with 20+ years of experience with multinational
teams, global companies, as well as, in matrix, digital and diverse
organizations (PwC,DHL etc) Top Employer 2019, 2020.

Trusted HR advisor in strategic projects: Hybrid Workplace, 4dayweek,
Culture Book, From the Great resignation to the Great Attraction, HR for
the future.

Leader of Digital HR Champions network, active member of LiderShe or Human
Explorers networks.
Mentor and podcaster, lecturer of the business universities in Warsaw,
Mother of Matylda (18) and Pola (16).

Hobby: travelling (Tahiti, Cuba, Sri Lanka), active lifestyle (Kilimanjaro
in Africa)

Tina’s perspective: Einstein’s words “You can not use an old map to explore
a new world” resonate with me which is reflected in my three areas of

1️. Business & culture transformations, upskilling and reskilling
2. Workplace of the future. Leaders What’s next?
3.️ Digital employee experience

Tina: "I couldn’t have been able to achieve the above without amazing,
agile teams. I believe in empowerment and inclusive networking."

Topics she is passionate about as a speaker, mentor and sponsor:
?workplace of the future
?digital HR
?women in leadership.

TOPIC: How Women change the World


How women change the World (10:00 - 10:15)

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